Interview: Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
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Date Stamp: June 16, 2009

Thick: You dig Vancouver?
Pete Wentz: We’ve been there a few times. We didn’t get to hang out a lot. We went to X-Men 2 there I think. It was a beautiful drive-in.

T: You guys have had a slew of massive singles. Did you have any idea they would be so big?
PW: Strangest thing ever is I never knew how three minutes and thirty seconds can change your entire life. You don’t think about it when you’re playing the song in the studio. You put all your money on red or black kinda thing.

T: What do you hold dear and near to your heart, your earlier catalogue or the newer stuff?
PW: I might upset some fans but I wanna give the honest answer. Take This To Your Grave stuff…I don’t feel anything for those songs at all. It was a weird time in my life when I wrote it. Playing it live is good but if you don’t change in 6 or 7 years you have a problem, and the other thing is that those days and the subsequent tour should have been my glory days but I hated myself. I was not a nice guy. If people ever wanted that guy back, he was just not a nice guy.

T: Take us through Infinity On High and Folie A Deux and the natural progression of Fall Out Boy.
PW: We just wanted to kick the door down and on Infinity, we wanted to clear the music out of the way for Patrick’s voice. That was the most important part of the record. Lyrically, it was my attempt to explain that the perception the world had of me was wrong but when I look back at it now it seems so unrelatable and narcissistic. On the recent record we tried to become better songwriters rather than showing off one instrument. The record is not autobiographical. I wanna remove myself from the situation.  This record should be about the people around me instead of me, me, me. I tried to get inside peoples' heads. People freak out when they see me but when I look in the mirror I still see the same 14 year-old dude that I always saw. I’m sure it’s that way for everyone. Except for maybe Brad Pitt.

T: You dream of getting on for so long and then when you make it, it’s gotta be the craziest feeling in the world.
PW: Yeah, man, we grinded it out and worked hard and earned our audience. We were in the van doing 280 some-odd dates a year. The early videos at MTV really helped us as well.

T: Do you hold the latest album Folie A Duex to a high level, saying to yourself, man, how are we gonna crack this when we do the next one?
PW: I have a problem. I’m the guy who puts too much paint on the painting. If it wasn’t for Patrick, we’d still be in the studio 'cause I wanna tinker and tinker and then I take it too far. I definitely Chinese Democracize everything. As soon as we put the record out, I never listen to it again 'cause I only hear the flaws in it. I don’t listen to Fall Out Boy. I don’t have an iPod. I’ve lost too many, and Steve Jobs won’t send me another one.

T: What do you think of Twitter. You seem to be a huge user. Is it really you tweeting?
PW: You can notice from the spelling mistakes it’s really me. I don’t use punctuation at all. I was in the Twitter offices today and I told them I find myself over-Twittering.

T: Twitter advice?
PW: You should definitely not Twitter while you’re Twasted.

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