Interview: Keak Da Sneak
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Date Stamp: June 8, 2009

T: Seems like Bart is always into something. Is he gonna be away for a second?

T: Since then you've done a bunch of solos and a couple collabos. Talk about doing albums with other rappers.
I hooked up with E-Hustl, that James Rossman is a real good dude. It's rare to find a good dude in this business. I've been looking for one for ten years. And me and Quinn, we long over due. We bin talking about doing an album for a while. I fool with Quinn, the young baby boy. Right now I just want to stay active, stay working. For me it's just all about working, man. Keeping something new out, keeping something hot out. And not just only Keak albums. I'm doing collaborations with people who's doing good music. Me and Quinn just dropped an album called Welcome to Scokland, and I did the album with Baby S and QZ called Word Pimpin'. It's really actually their album featuring me, it's really like a Keak Presents thing.

T: Speak on the rise and fall of Hyphy and if you think that was just the media portrayal?
Hyphy is a ritual, it's a way of life. It's what we do, it's how we have fun. So, it will never die. As far as media putting it out there like a movement, it's really how we get down. It's history on repeat. It goes back to the Black Panthers, we trend-setters in the Bay. A lot of our slang, a lot of things we do is out there, everybody uses it in their music. From poppin' collars to stuntin' to giggin' to goin' stupid, everybody uses a lil' bit of that. And they put it out and tried to give it another name but it's still what it is. We trend-setters from facheezy to yadaddamean. It's just what we do, it's how we have fun. I don't think that could die, it's still active right now. I'm still doin' shows in other places where they're still giggin' and wearin' stunner shades, they going dumb. I made up the word hyphy. I been saying it since '96. So why just now they saying "Hyphy movement" and all that? It's like, yall late. We been hyphy.

T: What's the big slang in the Bay right now?
Right now it's Go music. It's Hyphy but it's Go music, it's green light. It's still sticky. That's some shit we saying right now, this shit is sticky. It's still dumb-ass hyphy. It's just stewie-ooee right now. It's real stewie. RIP Mac Dre. That was a major loss. That put a lot of weight on my shoulders. At the same we got a lot of new upcoming dudes, from J. Stalin, Beeda Weeda, my camp, the Allnthedoe Camp, Bruce Banner, Philthy Rich...we got a lot of new dudes coming.

T: What are you working on right now?
Another album called Keak Hendrix. I got a shoe coming out this year, Keak Sneakers. We working on a couple movies. I got The 3X Story, a documentary on 3X Krazy on what happened, how it happened. I think me and Quinn are gonna do another Scokland album. PSD, me and Messy Marv are going to do another Bidness album this year. I do an album called the Farm Boyz every other year, I'ma do another Farm Boyz album this year. The Allindadoe Family album is coming. I got a lot of different projects I'm working on. It's non-stop.

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