Interview: Camp Lo
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Date Stamp: June 7, 2009

T: And then what we gon' hear on the album that's following that?
We try not to duplicate what we already walked over. We like to make the new music, new music. It has to be new, it has to feel fresh for us to even dig it. We always seen Piece of the Action as being high energy, a non-stop ride.

T: You started with Profile but have been independent since then. Speak on the indie route.
Profile was the biggest independent at the time. In that sense, we always been on an indie label. We're used to the intimate settings of dealing with people on the close up.
SC: When we tried a showtime label, it didn't work out right. They couldn't really see our boutique style of music. They wanted to department store our music.

T: Who was the label?
Arista, before they switched to J. Records. So, we got caught up in waves that we wasn't digging. So, we asked for a release and independent has been our route since then.

T: Where did the name come from?
We used to roll dice and we had found a set of dice that had cards on it. Ace of Spades, King of Hearts and all that stuff. So what we would do instead of rolling for bread at the time, 'cause bread was real...we was about 200 lbs. between us at the time. We used to roll for push-ups. Suede had me at the time 'cause he was always losing.
GS: (Laughs) I wish we could find them dice right now.
SC: Yeah, man, that was the Sugar Street Dice.
GS: Basically, we was running with Cee-Lo at first 'cause we was playing so much dice. We had kinda got comfortable with it too and then somebody had told us that there was this cat in Atlanta named Cee-Lo. That's when we changed the Cee to Camp and kept the Lo.

T: Yall still rockin' the suits?
From time to time. Cats stay genuine to our vined-out roots. Sometimes cats will go rugged. Sometimes cat will go dazzling. We dress for the occasion.

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