Interview: LMFAO
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Date Stamp: June 2, 2009

T: How did the flamboyant style, obnoxious sound and a couple of viral videos translate into a deal with Interscope?
What you just described - the videos, the look, the logo, the Myspace (page), the radio airplay - is a brand. We said to ourselves, if we can't use the name Sexe Dudes, what we still can do is be sexy dudes in front of the label. You think we're playing around here but we're dead serious. We never sent out a headshot, we never made calls to agents looking to get signed...actually we were never looking to get signed, we wanted to do the whole thing independent...actually we still feel like we're independent. As we're talking right now, we're mastering the album right now on the laptop ourselves, independently. We said, let's make ourselves sexy's meaning, like a girl walks up to the club, she wears her high skirt, she wears her F Me Pumps, and she just walks around the club and guys come up to her and say, hey can I buy you a drink. That's what we did and Interscope came a knocking. We had the party rocking, they came a knocking. It was Will.I.Am who called me, we actually went to school together, and he said, yo, I want to introduce you to Jimmy Iovine. We said, we're about to sign a deal already in Europe. We were making business moves. He said, no, no, no, before you do anything I gotta introduce you to Jimmy. From there, Jimmy offered us an offer we couldn't refuse.

T: What can people expect on your debut and into the future?
We are pushing the limits. We are serving the people something that they can dance to, something they can make love to, something they can live inside...that one is kinda weird. We're creating a world with our music and our style, and we're inviting people to come jump in our world, live the party life. It's not irresponsible partying. Do you're work, do whatever you gotta do, be creative, but take a shot or two while you do it. Dance up on girl's booty, don't be afraid. Shake your tail feather if you have some ideas about dancing and letting loose. So our musical vision is exactly what the album is called, anything that will rock the party is Party Rock. It can be electronic, it can be accoustic, it just has to make you want to have fun and feel a certain way. We're creating a feeling. If you've noticed, every record that we've put out gives you a feeling, it could be a different feeling but it's always a feeling of fun and excitement.

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