Interview: Seth Killian (Capcom Senior Manager)
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Date Stamp: April 1, 2009

T: Does Capcom have plans for any more Vs. games like the classic Street Fighter Vs. X-Men?

SK: We had great success with the Capcom Vs. SNK games. SNK has a great fighting legacy as well. Our biggest crossover success was the Marvel series, Marvel Vs. Capcom and various earlier X-Men Vs. Street Fighter games. Those were really popular and invented a whole new style of 2D fighting game. Marvel's licenses are held by other companies right now but who knows what the future holds. In Japan we actually just did a new one called Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Tatsunoko is not really well known in the States. This game only came out in Japan, so a lot of people have been importing it over here. Tatsunoko is an animation studio in Japan. Their characters are like Speed Racer, the guys from Battle of the Planets, the Gatchaman guys and a bunch of others. They've been doing it since the '60s, so they have a huge character list. They're sort of like the Marvel Comics of Japan in a lot of ways. That game came out a few months ago and it's been one of the most heavily imported titles over here. It's been a big hit. It's a lot of that same over the top, zany, crossover world fun. It brings a lot of great Capcom characters together with their (Tatsunoko's) crew. People who aren't even familiar with Tatsunoko characters love playing it just because it's a ton of fun to play even if you don't recognize all these mysterious cartoon characters.

T: Is there plans to bring it to North America?
SK: There's a lot of fan request right now. Basically the problem with that is, in Japan all the rights to Tatsunoko characters are held by Tatsunoko, but outside of Japan there are like sixteen different rights holders. So, to release the game in the States we would have to get deals with all of them which is very complicated. But we do still hope to find a way to bring that game out in an official fashion here. There's a lot of fans that would make very, very happy. It's been getting a lot of press. Actually it's got magazine covers even though it's not even released outside of Japan just because people are so excited by the Capcom crossover games.

T: So your character in Street Fighter IV looks a hell of a lot like Dr. Manhattan.
SK: (Laughs) There are other colours you can choose for Seth where he doesn't look as much like Dr. Manhattan. And Dr. Manhattan doesn't have a Yin Yang on his stomach. The giant bald buff guy in a speedo is definitely well-worn territory in the comic book universe. I think with the blue colouring and his serious face he has some similarities to Dr. Manhattan but his play style is all his own. It would be nice if he was omnipotent but he has to fight like everyone else.

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