Interview: 8Ball & MJG
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Date Stamp: August 20, 2007

T: What newecomers are yall excited about outta Memphis?

MJG: We got our own artists right now coming. We got Big Ammo, Mac-E, The Volunteers, Yo Gotti, Kia Shine, Montana Trax, Young Flow, Playa Fly, Gangsta Black, Al Kapone...a lot of cats still bubblin' around the town.

T: What next on each of yall's labels?

8B: Well, at 8Ways we got the Light Up the Bomb album in stores right now. That album was produced by Montana Trax. We got another album from my artist Devius. He's all over the Montana Trax album, he's all over the Light Up the Bomb album. Me and him are doing an album together called the The Vet & The Rookie. That'll be out later this year. That's what's next on 8Ways. You can also go to and check out Space Age TV. That's something me and MJG doing right now. Just giving the world a good sense of what we do errday.

T: That's a great segue because yall are the first to run with that Space Age Pimpin' theme, what kind of influence do you think that's had?

MJG: Using space age and pimpin' together, I think we were some of the first cats to really put that word out there like that. I think it influenced people to think bigger and better...and trying to think ahead of the curve, and be futuristic in their thinkin' and their ideas. We influenced that thought in a lot of people in this era.

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