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Interview: G-Man & Rizk (conducted at Fortune Soundclub's 2nd Year Anniversary)
Saturday, October 22, 2011

T: Do you two have a working philosophy or guiding principal...mantra if you will?

G: I just work really hard. I don’t think there’s any real secret, or any shortcuts. Just work really hard, all hours. I’m thinking about things all the time in order to better the club, to better the night, to better the events. That’s what matters to me.

R: Good morals, values, honesty, good communication, respect to everyone from the lower levels to the upper levels. Just the care to the people that work for you and the people that come out to enjoy your club; give them the service that they deserve.

T: Do you have a role to play in Vancouver hosting world class (what is now being called) bass music? Do you lean towards any genre, Hip-Hop or dub step or electronic music?

G: We just want to be super diverse here. The dub step shows are actually done by MSH Sessions, so it’s an outside promoter. And we actually don’t produce any of the dub step shows ourselves. I think our club works because the FunctionOne sound system and dub step pretty much go hand in hand. He’s pretty much sold out every single show’s that he’s done here, so they just continue doing more. As far as the Hip-Hop stuff goes, Rob and I have been down with Hip-Hop from day one. We don’t want to over fill it with more than a couple Hip-Hop shows per month. Everything else we try to diversify. We have love for all types of music. You’re always going to see a wide range, from punk, dub step, dancehall, to Hip-Hop; whatever, we’re down for it.

T: What’s the best club night that you ever promoted?

G: Well, I’m pretty happy with a night I have right now, Happy Ending Fridays, because its pretty much relevant today. It’s packed, getting busier every week...even after two years. And we’re bringing in all the best DJs, and we’re playing what the hell we want, no commercial music at all. I’d have to say one of our most legendary nights is El Famoso that happened at the Red Lounge; it was a seven-year running night. It probably had the first Hip-Hop night in Vancouver. Prev battled Flipout at that night. The Boyscouts, Marlin J. English and P-Love, were actually working the door before they started DJing. J-Swing, Kemo, and all those heads started DJing there. It was kinda cool because it was our first night, it was on a Wednesday, and it was always packed. That was the launching pad to everything else that we did.

R: One particular night that stands out for me is definitely the grand opening night of Fortune Soundclub. How much that meant to us, nine months of renovating and coming up with the idea, and the name...everything that’s involved in putting a club together. To have the building inspector here at 4:30 and saying, okay, you got your license and rushing to City Hall and coming back here to get the team together, getting it all together. A super memorable night, it really stands out in my memory because there was just so much hard work involved.

T: What are some of your favorite performances that you’ve helped promote?

G: For me, Barrington Levy, classic, legendary reggae artist. Two punk shows, Fucked Up and Off. I started off with punk rock back in the day, and to have that energy going off in here with the stage diving and slam dancing, I mean that was just legendary. And EPMD! Great show, legendary Hip-Hop heads we used to listen to. Aloe Blacc was super dope here, we got him when he was doing a small tour. We got him one time and it was great, and then he came back a second time! Both shows were amazing. On the DJ tip, DJ Spinna, Kenny dope from Masters At Work. Breakestra, the full band, it was dope to have them here, just coming from a b-boy culture. Listening to b-boy breaks and having them play all the breaks, like some of my favorites, created the best vibe in here.

Once again, I’d like to thank Garrett and Rob for an amazing interview, an amazing celebration, and for the events we’ll be sure to enjoy in the years onwards. Best of luck fellas, but I don’t think you’ll need it.

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