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Interview: Matt Fraction (writer)
Sunday, December 9, 2007

T: One DJ shadow's albums had a hidden song that was a mix of every song sampled for the album.

MF: Kid Koala did a whole graphic novel with one of his albums.

T: You had a story that tied Punisher into the whole World War Hulk event right?

MF: I don't know if you've been following what's going on with that but long story short, a group of heroes decided to shoot Hulk into outer space. He's been in outer space for like two years and now he's back and he's really angry. And he's basically shut off Manhattan from the rest of the world and he's beating the shit out of heroes one at a time. So, the Punisher story is basically Punisher in Manhattan trying to deal with the regular people who couldn't evacuate. It's sorta using Hulk like a Hurricane Katrina metaphor, where there are people who couldn't get out of the city and so Punisher is trying to help regular people survive this ridiculous superhero stuff. It's a fairly tangential tie-in but hopefully a chance to talk about some of the larger issues but still do it in a fun way.

T: What do you got cooking?

MF: At the moment I'm writing a bunch of superhero comics, and I'm writing a graphic novel about Abraham Lincoln running for re-election in 1864, and I'm writing about a baseball game that was played in Japan in 1934, and Cassanova which is this crazy spy story...I'm a genre slut. I didn't get in here (comic industry) to tell superhero stories exclusively.

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