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Interview: Evidence [Producer Series 2.0]
Thursday, October 4, 2007

T: Give us a rundown of who you've produced for?

E: I produced High Voltage for Linkin Park featuring Pharohe Monch. Beastie Boys' Alive. I co-produced Last Call off College Dropout, Kanye West's first album, which was an amazing experience. I got a Grammy for it. Swollen Members, Planet Asia, Defari...the new Hall of Justus album. I worked with Joe Scudda. A lot of amazing works I've done that I'm really proud of.

T: What do think of your boy Alchemist? He's doing a lot of great work right now.

E: He's executive producing my album. He did the majority of it. He's probably my biggest inspiration. Coincidentally, probably my best friend. But I seperate the two when I step into the studio. I forget that he's Alan and I'm Mike. It's more Evidence and Alchemist. I respect his work ethic and his grind so much, it's very inspiring for me. Also, as a rapper, he's a very dope and the world doesn't know that yet. His new album Chemical Warfare, that's coming out this fall on Koch is a follow up to 1st Infantry. It's gonna be an amazing record. I'm on it twice. We grew up together but he moved out to New York and became the Alchemist that you know now. He really got involved in the streets. He did Nas, Lox, Mobb and all these amazing things. He became the dude in the hood. He's championed in that world. I'm more or less the underground dude and I became Dilated Peoples. I just love how he bridged those worlds. So, it's like I go out to New York and Dilated gets love from Mobb Deep but then we can go back and do shows with Defari. There's very few groups that get to say that. So, I'm very grateful for my relationship with him.

T: Do you guys have a full collabo album coming out?

E: Alchemist and Evidence, A&E, the album is tentatively titled The Closers. We vibe as people. I always say, friends make better music than strangers. That's why Dilated does Worst Comes To Worst or Marathon or Back Again with Alchemist. We make great music with him because he understands us and he looks at the bigger picture when he makes our music. I think that's why he blessed me so much on my new album. He just knows how to vibe with me.

T: Being that you grew up together you must know the other guy from the Whooligans? Scott Caan?

E: He's a big actor now. That was his calling, his destiny. You know, he's always been a creative dude, he just found it out in acting. I'm proud of his accomplishments as well. He writes screenplays and a lot of other things behind the scenes. Everybody I've grown up with has done something. From Ahmad to Will.I.Am to Scott to DJ AM to Seth from Crazy Town. Everybody who I grew up hanging out with has gone on to do some shit. It just shows that I was surrounding myself with creative people early. I think that's really dope that we all carved out our own lanes. Even if I love or don't love what they do. We all showed that we can get on and take it somewhere.

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