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Interview: Pimp C (UGK)
Friday, August 17, 2007

T: I'm speechless.
PC: We used to hang out at Erick Sermon's rim shop out there. It was a place you could go up there and catch a nigga with a pocket full or money and go do a verse and catch you about $10,000, or catch a little beat lick or sumthin'. It was a good time for rap music, man. It was goin' down, man. I was surrounding myself with people who was about their paper. We all had studios in our houses, we all had big houses, we all had big pockets full of money, and it wasn't so dangerous out there either. You didn't have all this robbin' and shit. All this ol' jackin' and shit. Niggas could hang out at night and ain't got to worry about all that bullshit. Thangs have changed and change is a a natural thing that comes with time. So, accept it and I adapt.

T: When you went into prison yall were right on the verge of that big success. So, when you went in and the whole 'Free Pimp C' movement started how did that feel? Did you expect it?
PC: No, I couldn't expect something like that. How could you expect it when you had never seen nothin' like that happen for anybody else? It had never hapened in the past and it has never happened since then. So, when everybody rallied around me and was spittin' the 'Free Pimp C' shit, nah, I didn't expect it to happen. I'ma tell you something, man, some of them days in that place...them people out there hollering that shit and me reading that shit in the magazines is what kept me level and grounded. It kept me from just...going along with prison life and making that shit my home. It's easy to just say, fuck it, and go along with that shit and just make yourself as comfortable as you can. When I say, make yourself comfortable, that means you start actually living your life in that motherfucka and trying to get the most outta prison. In some ways that can be a mistake. Once you get that attitude, you stop trying to get out, man.

T: What ever happened to Lord 3-2?
PC: I was just with him at the mall the other day. He's workin'. I just did a song with Big Mike. I smoked my first blunt with 3-2...might've smoke my first fry stick with Big Mike.

T: Anything else you wanna say?
PC: I just wanna say, I paid $70,000 for beat from Swizz Beatz and dude won't send me my master. I don't want to sample your drums. Man, even if you do a song for $5,000, send me all my mixes.

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