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Grand Theft Auto V
Friday, September 27, 2013

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar North

Reviewed by: Katalist

GTA5 brings Rockstar’s series back to what made it one of the best, and it is a lot better than the last installment. The cars handle better, the side missions are a lot more fun, there is even more customization, the game looks gorgeous, and it runs smoother than GTA4 did.

Feel like getting a tattoo? Playing some tennis or doing some yoga? You can do all this and much more in this wonderful world Rockstar has created. This is a beautiful game world that feels much more alive than than in GTA4. Each area of Los Santos has a unique vibe and look to it, something missing from the last GTA IMO. Also, no more of the horrible "playing darts" with you're cousin and girlfriend, instead you have tons of random activities you can do that are actually enjoyable.

It really is amazing what Rockstar has done with this game on these 7-8 year-old consoles. There is so much going on and it looks so clean, it’s pretty hard to believe this isn’t PS4.

The story, dialogue, and characters are all of the high quality you would expect from the Grand Theft Auto series. This time you control three characters and switch between them at will. The voice work here is top notch and keeps you interested in what the characters will say next.

Whether you are doing the side missions, random activities, causing havoc, or just cruising along in a vehicle with the radio blasting late night, it is all quite satisfying. You can really tell this game was made with love when you realise how well everything works together. Simply put, this is a masterpeice by a great studio.

The various radio stations are on point, my favorite being the ‘90s West Coast rap station with DJ Pooh as the host. You get classics from 2Pac, Kurupt, Ice Cube, and many more West Coast legends. And, of course, the talk shows are entertaining as always with plenty of social commentary. The heist mission was a nice addition for me, as you get to pick who you want to join your crew for the job. If you pick someone cheap, they cost less but they have a bigger chance of dying or making a mistake.

Then you have the GTA Online, which is a whole seperate experience. You can do some missions with friends, race against each other, and of course, cause havoc. Oh yeah, and my favorite, robbing convience stores together, while others try to stop you. There has been a lot of bugs and server issues the first little while but that is always expected in MMOs or big online games like this. It’s all working now and new stuff will be added soon. The character creation here should have been better though.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Grand Theft Auto V, and can safely say, it is the best open world sandbox action game I have ever played. It controls well, looks gorgeous, runs great, has good writing, and most importantly is fun as hell! The only negatives for me are the issues with the online and the odd bug in the campaign. I also would have loved to have the drug dealing aspect from GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS.

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