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NBA 2K13
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: 2K Sports

Reviewed by: Sir Ed Coke

Some things in life are just meant to go together, like peanut butter and jelly or rhythm and blues. There’s no sense in fighting a match made in heaven, and when I heard the new edition of the 2K basketball game would be helmed by Sean Carter aka Jay-Z, I knew there would be no denying it’s greatness. After becoming co-owner of an NBA team and relocating them to Brooklyn, along with handling his new roles as Beyonce’s baby daddy and Obama’s hype man, you would think he might not have time to take creative control of the most popular b-ball game title in the universe. Yet, he didn’t climb to the top of the charts by sitting on his laurels, and the leader of the Roc Nation executive produced the hell out of this game.

Available across all platforms, both console and mobile based, this title features possibly the illest soundtrack of all time for any video game, along with a shockingly vast amount of game modes and customization. Jay knew which of his and his Throne partner Kanye’s tracks to include, but also had the clout to get access to some other A-lister’s music, such as that of U2, Coldplay, Daft Punk and Justice, proving that the urban hoops loving crowd can appreciate more than just Hip-Hop.

One of my complaints about previous sports simulators was the lack of being able to jam with the legends. NBA 2K13 comes through on that level, including a gang of squads with full rosters from the decades gone by (a throwback Dream Team that you can battle against the 2012 Olympic USA gold-medal group). And creating your own player is so in-depth and complex that you can spend hours just fine-tuning their looks…let alone the endless time that you can spend honing your skills. I took my player through the draft and had a “choose-your-own-adventure” style path to getting signed. After which, you get to experience the highs and lows of grinding out a name for yourself in the NBA. From building your rep among the team and the fans, to signing sponsorship deals and customizing everything imaginable. I was almost overwhelmed by so many options.

From playing online against other created players, to battling friends with your favourite NBA team, there is no way anyone could ever get tired of this game. The controls are on point, the graphics are amazingly realistic, and the street ball mode is back like it never left. I heard there was a pre-order package that came with a code for the All-Star Weekend Skill Contests and more, which sounded mad fresh! There’s also apps available to play on your mobile that connect to your profile on the console to boost your character on the go.

What more can I saaayyyy? NBA 2K13 is a must-have, especially with the NHL lockout happening. When two quality brands partner-up, the final product can feel like it was meant to be; one can only hope that Hova is brought back year after year to keep this harmony alive.

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