Art of the Assassin: Art Exhibition
art exhibition review

Date Stamp: September 3, 2012

L-R: Big Pawly (Thick Magazine co-founder), Raa Daddy (senior writer)

Studio: Ubisoft

Reviewed by: Raa Daddy

One of the most anticipated games of the year drops in a month and change. Assassin's Creed III is a gamers wet dream and although instalments Halo and Modern Warfare franchises come close, this revolutionary title is in a league of its own. Last week in downtown L.A. a pre-storm media blitz gathered for an art exhibition called, Art Of The Assassin where artists from all walks of life splashed on canvas their immediate thoughts after playing a lil’ ACIII. The room was dank with equal parts freshy fresh artwork and So Cal swag. DJ Skee cut through the thickness of the room with his blend of old school bangers and unreleased soon-to-be classics as those in attendance got their drink on, eyeballing some the craziest street art you've never seen. Mr. Cartoon and DJ Muggs were just a few of the over 150 special guests who kept swaying neck left and right trying to take it all in.

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