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Common w/ NERD in Vancouver
Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's my theory, I think Pharrell has become so enamoured with Vancouver, that he is just telling other artists, "you need to go up there...and I'll come with you." This is his third visit to BC this year (!) and he seemed as excited as ever while running through NERD's set. I mean dude even told Jay-Z to do an interview with Nardwar after he was thoroughly impressed and entertained by The Human Serviette himself. Pharrell could get a job with BC's Tourism Board at this point! But the headliner here was the man formerly known as Sense, and Vancouver has not seen him for years. In fact, not in all the years since he has become more commercially viable. I believe the last time he was here was with the X-Ecutioners and Supernatural. Well, one thing hasn't changed, he still does some breakdancing about halfway through his show! He had a whole nightclub theme going with a doorman, faux bar on stage, and all. This obviously only works when you're not in a club, so being outdoors definitely lent itself to the concept. Com performed his well known joints, along with a bunch of cuts from his upcoming opus, Universal Mind Control, including the title track that features Pharrell. But of course he kept fan-favorite The Light until the very end, and I'll be damned if he didn't bust a solid freestyle to shut things down. There was a lot of true heads out for this event and I think I can safely say they were all satisfied.

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