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Coldplay in Pemberton
Friday, August 1, 2008

Was Pemberton Music Festival just a test run of the Sea to Sky highway for the 2010 Olympics? Not bloody likely but it tested the capacity of the highway regardless. A dangerous, sinewy, two-lane highway at the best of times, the Sea to Sky is not built for 40,000 trying to get to a festival that starts early afternoon each day. After three days the campers were looking rough, and the Whistler commuter crowd were getting restless. As good as Chromeo, Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, Serj Tankian, and Tom Petty had been, these people were waiting for something else. Coldplay. Chris Martin and his rock group are a big draw anywhere but Canadians got a lotta love for him and he has a lot of love for Canada. I've heard seeing him in the States is a second rate experience. When the closer of the first Annual Pemberton Music Festival stepped on stage, everything was a go. The energy was right from the audience, the synergy was flowing for the band, and after a couple songs Chris just came out and said it: "This is gonna be a good one!" And dude meant it as he proceeded to sing, play guitar, and hammer keys with everything he had. Near the end sweat was pouring from his forehead onto the piano as he played. When you thought it was all simmering down, and the band seemed to be doing a grand exit down the middle of the screaming throng, boom, they jump on a back-up stage and whip off a couple more crowd pleasers. Feeling they had been given such an important position in the line-up, they wanted to do something new, so they let drummer Will Champion play and sing a song he had wrote. I don't know what else to tell you, I'm not a huge Coldplay fan and even I was buzzing the whole show.

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