Exclusive Interview: Reggie Hudlin
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Date Stamp: December 2, 2008

T: Marvel and DC are always borrowing ideas back and forth, do you feel like the move to have Green Arrow and Black Canary tie the knot was influenced by the success of Black Panther/Storm marriage?
RH: Interesting. I mean, I read a little bit of DC but not enough to be fully aware that those weddings happened closely to one another. That's interesting. Maybe we should have a crossover where Black Panther hooks up with Black Canary.

T: That would work well with a Jungle Fever-type title.
RH: (Laughs) Exactly. "I'm black inside." "Oh, you gonna have some black inside ya."

T: It must have been an honour to be hired as the President of Entertainment at BET. While you were there you started their animation department and got a Black Panther cartoon in production. Tell us about all of that.
RH: Well, I started a lot of divisions when I was at BET, including the animation department. When I did my deal to come onboard BET I made a very specific exclusion that I would continue to write Black Panther for Marvel because, a) I really wanted to and, b) I knew in an executive job I would need some kind of creative outlet to keep my own sanity as a creative person. And it really did serve that purpose extremely well. I had been talking with Marvel for a while about taking the Black Panther character to the next level and finally they got onboard the idea of us doing a primetime animate series at the network. So, it finally all came together and that plan is still moving ahead. I'm going to be executive producing the series for the network, as well as writing the episodes. We're doing casting right now. It's very exciting.

T: Any idea of when it would start airing? Or what kind of time slot it would get?
RH: Yeah, Black Panther is going to be a primetime series. We're looking at next summer, summer of '09 right now. We don't have the exact date yet but that's what we're looking at.

T: Everybody has heard that Wesley Snipes is dying to play Black Panther in the live action movie, but judging by his legal situation, that might not be likely. Do you know anything we don't about the proposed movie or casting?
RH: As far as I know, there is nothing happening with a Black Panther motion picture. As soon as we announced the animated series I got pressured (laughs) a lot by almost every actor friend I have in Hollywood about starring in the Black Panther movie. I said, you know I'm doing the animated series, and they were like, yeah, whatever, we know what's happening next. People just had no patients for the fact that I was focusing on the series right now. There's a lot of enthusiasm about a Black Panther feature film, both from the audience and from Hollywood talent, but it's not something that is gonna happen in the near future...as far as I know.

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