Interview: Shabazz the Disciple
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Date Stamp: March 12, 2008

T: Is your music accepted throughout Europe and globally?
SD: Yes sir! I've seen it myself, firsthand from touring the whole world!

T: Are you touring a lot?
SD: No doubt. When you got a craaazy stage performance, the fans never get enough!

T: I know you and Hell Razah are still in contact, did you guys ever think about doing a collabo album together?
SD: Actually, we have one almost done right now. Craaaaaazy! We formed a new group called T.H.U.G. Angelz, I mentioned that release earlier. It's 'bout to be some shit in a second!

T: What’s the vibe like in the streets of New York right now as far as music goes?
SD: Everybody complaining that Hip-Hop is wack right now, looking for a NY saviour!

T: Would you say that New York remains to be the breeding ground of the illest emcees ever to touch the mic?
SD: I think it goes in circles but there will never be another Golden Era like the one in the '80s or the '90s era I come from! NY up and coming emcees follow what's hot, opposed to being trendsetters anymore. Only the NY  Golden Era emcees continue to be trendsetters.

T: Has the South's dominance affected you at all?
SD: Like I said it goes in circles, but it always comes back to the Mecca! NY radio only plays southern music but southern radio doesn't play NY music. That effects me a little because they both should play both.

T: I had a chance to peep your performance at Rock Steady this past Summer, it was real refreshing. Did you feel the Golden Era presence that day or what?
SD: Give thanks. That day was fun. I def felt the Golden Era, it was a good feeling!

T: Drop a jewel on the world right now, what’s on your mind?
SD: Pay attention to the prophecies of the time, we still in worst shape than the junkie, like Malcolm once said. Hip-Hop rules the world! Look at the level of intelligence it's been reduced to. Twenty years from now when that generation looks back at the music and what this generation left them, they will say, "This was the most ignorant era in music history."

T: Are you repping a crew these days or are you straight solo?
SD: It's all about T.H.U.G. Angelz, wingz up!

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