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Interview: Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

T: When we gon' hear Mobb over some Eminem beats and some more Dre beats?
P: On the Blood Money album we had two Dre beats, we had the Outta Control remix and Nightmarez, but Nightmarez didn't make the album. We was working with Dre on that. I had a conversation with Em when he was doing the Re-Up. At the video shoot me and him sat down and was talkin'. We definitely plan on doing some shit together.

T: Where does the beef with Saigon stand?
P: As fas as that's concerned, it's not even an issue anymore. That's a crumb under my feet. So, I don't even wanna talk about that dude.

T: What about Nas?
P: As far as Nas is concerned, we just look at him like he's confused. He do a lot of weird moves, and says a lot of weird things. It's all love. We just look at him as a confused child or something.

T: You were supposed to go in to the pen tomorrow but they gave you an extra month. What you gon' do with it?
P: Well, I shot a video for every song on HNIC 2, so that's done already. By them giving me that lil' extra time, now I can just work on the videos for my third album because I prepared a third solo album just in case I don't get out on time. Cuz you never know what could happen inside.

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