Interview: Rocko
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Date Stamp: March 10, 2008

T: You producing the majority of your debut?
R: Not the majority. I produced a few on there. I spread it out equally. Drumma Boy has a good three on there, I got like three, Jazzee Pha got a couple, The Runners got a couple, Cool 'N Dre got a couple, Toomp got one. I kept it in the South though.

T: What might somebody from Atlanta know about you?
R: That I own Rocky Road Records. Rocky Road is a movement in Atlanta way before Rocko began rapping. We have a good name in the street when it comes to Atlanta, on the underground. Now we're taking it mainstream.

T: Is there other artists on Rocky Road?
R: Yeah, I'm the first to jump the label off. I'm trying to make Rocko a household name prior to trying to brand the rest of 'em.

T: Let's talk about the Umma Do Me video for a minute, you got a ride in there that starts and backs up by remote. Talk about that.
R: They sent a few treatments and decided to pick that one and work hands on with Rich Newey because he understood where I was trying to go with it. I'm sorta like the best of both worlds. I'm from the streets, so you know I have that thug in me, but at the same time, I'm a businessman. I clean up nice. So, with the video we wanted to show me in the bubble goose in the streets, and then we went into the club and I had a more couture look going. So, we just wanted to bring it around full circle. As far as the car, I have to keep a nice whip. You can get whatever your money buy. You get your car to do pretty much whatever you want it to do if you gon' pay for it. It was really just making a statement. We got crazy cars over here, we got cars that talk and everything. I say I want to hear such and such, and it goes to that record, and talks back. That's real talk.

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