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Interview: Guy Davis (artist)
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

T: The mini-comic that came with the DVD release was mainly sketches, was that you?
GD: Yeah, it was more of a sketchbook than mini-comic, don't know why they called it that. I think there was a lot of my design sheets for the different Screw-On Head suits in it. There was some cool Mike illustrations in the back for upcoming characters if the series panned out. There was a whole slew of more artwork done by the main animators on the characters and I don't know why they didn't include those. They were really sharp.

T: Speak on your work for White Wolf role-playing games.
GD: I did, I don't know how long, like seven years worth of work for White Wolf Games. I worked on a variety of their titles, mostly Vampire but some Mage, and there was a Superhero and Pulp role-playing book that came out and I did illustrations for that. It was fun ,although I never actually played any of their games. It was a lot of them giving me a really rough description of images needed or just the game manual to read through and me just trying to think up something bizarre and entertaining to draw and they would print it. There wasn't a lot of editorial back and forth...on the cover sometimes they were more picky. The inside they just wanted some illustrations to fill up the blank spaces left by the actual text because that's what people were buying it for, the game. After seven years I kinda got burned out drawing vampires and stuff. There's only so many variations on the theme I could think of. But I enjoyed my time there.

T: What's the likelihood of an anthology of all your work from White Wolf seeing the light of day?
GD: I don't know. I didn't know there would be interest for that. I know they put out a couple of Art of Vampire and Art of Werewolf books that had some of my illustrations with a bunch of other artists. But as far as a book of just mine, I don't know. It's weird, I'll go through my art files looking for something and I'll come across these drawings I did for White Wolf (it was such a quick turnaround, they would give you a week or two to do a hadnful of drawings), and I'll look at these things and I'll have no fucking memory of ever drawing it. It's my style, my name's on it but I don't ever remember doing this. So, I have a lot of art from it but I'm not sure it'll ever be collected.

T: What is next for Marquis in terms of the series?
GD: The third volume will be The Marquis & The Mid-Wife which I've been drawing on the side in between BPRD deadlines, which is always the main focus, and any short stories I have with Mike or Dark Horse, but when I get time I run back and work on more Marquis. I don't want to do single issues of the Marquis that are later collected into trade paperback anymore. So, it's taking me a lot longer because I'm doing 150+ pages that would be collected into an original graphic novel. I like that because I don't have to make each chapter the length of a comic book, some chapters can be 40 pages, some chapters can be 12 (pages). I think it works out better for me and the story to have that freedom to make the the stopping and starting point where I want. Hopefully in 2008 I'll get it done. It's one of those things I'm itching just to finish. It's a limited series, it has a finite ending and there's only three more books that tell the story. So, it's getting to that point where I see the ending and I'm like, I want to finish this, I want to have the whole story done. The series won't be coming out from ONI Press anymore but I should have some new publisher news this year too.

T: Anything else you got coming in 2008?
GD: The only other thing I have going besides BPRD, Dark Horse stuff and The Marquis, is a series called Robot Dick about a robot detective in the future with a breast fixation, for Chamber 6 Productions. That's gonna be an online comic that will probably lead to a trade paperback. I do like four pages a month and they'll be putting it up as a serial. So, it's a small enough workload that I can fit it in alongside everything else. It's a really funny script and more in the vein of the Zombies That Ate the World series I did for Les Humanoides Associes in France.

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