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Interview: David Banner
Thursday, January 31, 2008

T: Well, on that note, what about trying to get in the new Hulk movie with Edward Norton?

DB: I'm trying to get this money, man. I'm trying to be where ever I can be. To even be doing movies is a plus. Honestly, that's what I love doing more than anything else in the world. So, whether it's the Hulk, Spider-man, Transformers...Ray Part 2, I'm trying to get it.

T: What movies you got coming?

DB: I got This Christmas and Days of Wrath coming. Get ready for them. I'ma keep 'em coming.

T: Tell us about those.

DB: This Christmas is me, Chris Brown, Idris Alba, Elroy Lendell, it's a star cast and it's a wonderful movie. I think people are really going to enjoy it. Then I got Days of Wrath with me, Laurence Fishburne, Rick Ross and Slim Thug.

T: What's your relationship with Kamikaze at this point?

DB: It's wonderful, man. Me and Kamikaze came up (together) and we decided to go different ways in business, and mine just happened to start manifesting a lil' bit quicker than his did. So, you know, there's no love lost or no beef or no bad blood or nothin'. We've been on three or four songs with eachother since then.

T: Come on, Penalty Records are back Crooked Letters could be back too!

DB: It could be but for me, I haven't even out out any of my artists yet. And I think it would be sorta disrespectful for them to have them waiting on this opportunity for so long and for me to do somethin' else. I decided to do somethin' in business and it ended up working. I guess you could say the same thing for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Sometimes you have to continue to do what you gotta do until you get a certain level of success. David Banner isn't where I want him to be yet. So, it really don't make no sense for me to go back and do nothin' else until I got David Banner where I need him to be. So, then it will be easy for people to accept Crooked Letters.

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