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Interview: Flo-Rida
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T: Tell us more about working with Devante 'cause he was like Timbaland's mentor.

F: He a dude who just loves music. Being around him I seen how hard he go, he hardly get no sleep doin' this music. I had to take that approach myself to get to the level I'm at now. I always try to come from a universal approach for the fact I've been on different coasts, I'm not gonna just sound like the local artist. He definitely let me know that whatever you do, to make sure you give it 100%. He's a perfectionist, and I tend to take that into what I'm doing. It was just great working around him, I got a chance to meet different people coming through there like Keyshia Cole, Mya... So, when it came time for me to be around them now I wasn't so star struck.

T: You still have contact with him?

F: I've been out there twice (since living there). He was saying he was so proud of me. He was just like, I knew you was gonna do something for the fact that you was always working on your craft. Everytime you catch me I'm reading my bible or working hard trying to find the next hot song. Dudes like Flavor Flav, he was around there almost everyday. He would give me game.

T: You beat me to one of my questions, I was gonna say, wasn't Flavor Flav your roommate?

F: He had a spot there (at Devante's) but he had his own spot outside of there.

T: Tell us about that, that's gotta be a crazy situation.

F: With Flav?

T: Yeah.

F: He's a great dude. He was like a father-figure to me. He looked out for me a lot. He always made sure I had somethin'...him and Devante. I look up to them, Flav with the rap music and Devante with the R&B stuff. All of it intertwines in the music I'm doing now. I have like a melodic style. It was definitely a great experience out there with 'em.

T: Who you got producing on your debut?

F: I have Monte, who produced the Low single, The Runners, who did the Birthday single, The Designated Hitters who did the Entourage soundtrack song called Jealous, Cool & Dre, Jazze Pha, I have G-Rock, Tre Pierce... As far as artists, I have Ricky Ross the Boss on there, Brisco, a Cash Money/Poe Boy artist, Trey Songz is gonna be one of the singles I put out also.

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