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Interview: Yung Joc
Saturday, October 13, 2007

T: Have you and Nitti got together since It's Goin' Down?

YJ: Nah. I wish we did but, nah.

T: What fell out? We talked to Nitti a while back and

YJ: I think Nitti was a lil' sour because I didn't do the deal with him. But you know you can't blaim me. I mean if a chick don't want to go out with me on a date...or if I take a chick out on a date or two here and there, and I ask her to marry me and she say, no. I can't hate her, I just gotta keep working at it. And that's how it was. You know, instead of me and this cat continuing to build, he wanted me to sign with him but that's not what I wanted to do. I didn't want to put my career in his hands.

T: What was it like to have Tom Cruise do your dance?

YJ: It was cool. It was what it was.

T: Did you get harassed in the hood about that?

YJ: Nah, don't nobody give a shit about that. That shit don't matter in the hood. Shit like that don't matter in the hood...'cause Tom Cruise did my dance. It would matter more in the hood if (Lil) Wayne woulda used my name in a bar, said some real slick shit. Give me big-ups. Shit like that matter in the hood. In the hood people don't give a shit if some one did your dance. Oh, Oprah did your dance. Whoopty-fucking-whoop.

T: What does the Joc in Yung Joc mean? 'Cause 'to jock' has a negative connotation in Hip-Hop.

YJ: My name?!

T: Yeah.

YJ: My momma named me Joc, so I don't give a shit about what no Hip-Hop connotations is. My momma named me Joc, so I do the damn thang.

T: Joc is your real name? An abbreviation?

YJ: My real name Jasiel.

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