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Interview: Keith Murray [Nineteen-Ninety-Now Series]
Sunday, October 7, 2007

T: The latest single Nobody Do It Better is getting a good response…you hearing good things from your peoples about it?

KM: When the record came it was #2 most added at all the Urban radio stations across the country…featuring Tyrese…that track is produced by Erick Sermon and I got the video for it. Check that out and vote for that on your local video stations. It's bangin'…I did it in L.A. It’s a new angle, a new look.

T: The song I heard that blew my mind where I was like, “He’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!!” was Hustle On…that’s my joint right there!!

KM: Hahaha! For real! God damn, my man Shuko from Germany produced that one. Look out for that! I’m glad you said that 'cause that’s my new single! Video comin'!  Good lookin' man!

T: What’s it like working with KOCH?

KM: KOCH is like any other record label…they want what they can sell. The energy is great and Erick Sermon made a deal with them to distribute the album. With every deal you wanna make money and have a good relationship. Everything is on the up and up, and I don’t expect the world from an independent but I know what numbers I need to do to have a lot of money and to create a platform to have another album come out after this. So, right now I’m content. I just wanna work hard and do all the things I feel that I’m supposed to do to help them help me.

T: Erick Sermon is executive producing the CD…what can we expect? Any guest producers? Special guests?

KM: Me and Erick Sermon, we knew we had to come back with a Keith Murray ALBUM! Not a compilation with various artists, I had to come back to where you put this CD in, you get Keith Murray you ain't heard in four years. He executive produced the album, we had Shuko doing his thing and my man Mike City from L.A. produced a record called I Don’t Fuck Wit 'Em which is on the album as well.

T: How bout the latest Redman CD…that was quite a banger.

KM: Redman’s CD was fire! I enjoyed it…I loved it! Redman is an ill individual. I was just pissed off that more people didn’t go get the album like they should and like they did his past work. I felt like I swallowed a bag of quarters when I think of that situation. But he’s always touring and people love him. People always love to see him perform.  People love to see us perform. My tour is called The Grind Tour and it's on now. All the Canadian promoters out there I’m telling you now…get in touch with Keith Murray and I will give you a helluva show!

T: The Def Squad posse cut off Redman’s latest CD was dope…I was lovin' it…is there gonna be another Def Squad CD?

KM: Yeah, well Def Squad, right now is being thought about. We have a couple of records that we’ve done that’s coming together well. Erick is making the beats now and we 'bout to have that out by second quarter of next year called Tsunami.

T: EPMD coming back for another one, can you speak on that?

KM: I’ll just give you a hint. I been seeing Parish at Erick’s house a lot lately!

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