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Interview: Bahamadia [Nineteen-Ninety-Now Series]
Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thick: What's good? Update the readers on your recording history and how you got started?

Bahamadia: Hey, Rack. So, I started out as a DJ in Philly back in like '83 or so in a crew called West Philly Sound Crew, which I help founded. Also, studied percussions at Settlement House of Music just before Hip-Hop culture really began to pop heavy as an industry.

T: Being a female in the music industry do you see a shortage of female artists?

B: In my opinion gender is not the REAL issue, rather it is the appeared shortage of quality acts in the industry of music overall.

T: What advice would give an upcoming female who wants to be apart of the music industry?

B: My advise to ANY up and coming artist would be to educate themselves on the business of music and get a good team of skilled people behind them to assist with the business portion of their career.

T: How do you feel about the Hip Hop music that's coming out of Philly at the present time?
B: The history of the music coming out of Philadelphia has always been extremely diverse, soulful, original, as well as say the least I see that tradition being maintained currently.

T: How important do you think Philly is to the game? The history is remarkable. From Artists such as Cool C, Steady B and Will Smith.
B: Philadelphia has and will always be a forerunner of tomorrow's sound musically.

T: What label are currently signed with?

B: I am a boss, dude. Running my own label called B-Girl/Freedom Records. It's a new upstart joint.

T: Are you doing shows and touring?
B: I've been blessed to have been working since I started professionally back in like '93! (laughs) Been globe trotting ever since, it's that real for Bahamadia! This is what I do literally!

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