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Interview: AMG [Nineteen-Ninety-Now Series]
Friday, October 5, 2007

Thick: How'd you hook up with DJ Quik, 2nd II None and the rest of the crew?

AMG: They hooked up with us, we didn't hook up with them. We was already in LA doing our thing in the late '80s. Greedy Greg, my guy of the last twenty years, managed Tone Loc, he had some hits, and we was next up to bat. We met Quik around late '88-'89, he brought 2nd II None over after we met him, and we all just gelled. [We] started cuttin' demos and sendin' them out, next thing you know we got record deals poppin'.

T: You were rollin' with Tone Loc back in the day?

AMG: I was too young for that but my boy he was managing Tone.

T: Your debut had a different sound, Quik produced most of tha right?

AMG: No, the public thinks this muthafucka did all my records, and it's not true. It says 'produced by AMG' on the records. I don't know why nobody sees that. I need to set Hip-Hop history straight because they thought he did all my goddamn records. I lost a million dollars right there just because muthafuckas thought he did everything.

T: Yeah, I think I made that assumption because a lot of Quik's stuff after that moved in that direction.

AMG: Yeah, because he wanted to sound like that. Who do you think produced the single we just put out?

T: Well, I'm gonna have to guess from what you've been saying, you.

AMG: Exactly.

T: What was behind putting the Fixxers together?

AMG: Really we were a production company, and we fucked around and started making a couple cuts, and make something that we wanted muthafuckas to hear.

T: What the name of the label you getting going with Interscope?

AMG: The record company is Dirty West, the group is The Fixxers, the production company is The Fixxers.

T: Who you got coming on the label?

AMG: We got a female named Mia. She 'bout to take all of Ashanti's money, all the young girl, fine girl money...'cause she's young and she's fine. She 'bout to have all anthems. I put her in the position of a black Fergie.

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