Interview: Unagi [Producer Series 2.0]
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Date Stamp: September 29, 2007

T: Talk about some of the attention you've started to garnered over the last three releases.

U: It's not making me rich. I wouldn't say I've got the internet going nuts Paul Wall style. But there's been some websites that were feeling it. Okayplayer liked the S.F.C. one. I licensed a track to MTV for this commercial that they been running, which is cool. I got couple of beats in this new DVD, it's one of those import car DVDs with a bunch of Asian cats in tricked out Acura's. They put out a ladies disc that was a bunch of their model chicks. It's not porno, it's just like girls in their underwear talking about their aspirations.

T: What's happening with this possible MF DOOM collabo?

U: I don't know anything about that. I've done some stuff with X-Ray who used to be down with Monsta Island Czars. I'm friends with Grimm and a couple of the Monsta Island cats. I haven't met DOOM and as far as I know, I don't know of any possible collaborations. I'm working on a couple projects right now. One with this cat Infinito 2017 who's from Chicago. He was on the S.F.C. record. We're doing a little project. I'm also working on a concept album with Motion Man and another producer from Philadelphia named Jethro. Both of those are kinda in the formative stages but I'm hoping to get those out one way or another. Hopefully later this year.

T: I swear I heard like two or three names mentioned as possible new collabo's with MF DOOM and am sure your name was mentioned.

U: A couple years ago I gave him a couple beats that he was gonna use on one of his joints but he never used them. I could see working with him in the future. He stays busy recording. I mean the closest to that is, I had X-Ray on the last record. He did a bunch of stuff on Doomsday and on the Monster Island record. I really want a new M.I.C. record 'cause I like that last one a lot. But I know they've made a lot of line-up changes in the roster. So, I'm not sure what the status is with  that.

T: Yeah, they seem to have a whole new team.

U: I know Kong is doing a solo record and I think Kamakeris is as well. I know he's working with X-Ray but I don't know how far along that is.

T: Being that you're a quarter Japanese, do you look out for other Asian Hip-Hop artists?

U: There is definitely a lot of talented Japanese cats out there. Key Kool is dope. I'm down for whatever as long as they got skills. I probably could be on the hustle a little bit harder as far as giving out beats. But sure, I'd do a track with Jin or whoever. In the Bay there is a lot of Filipinos. There's a couple emcees, DJs and producers that I'd love to do some shit with but haven't got around to it yet.

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