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Interview: Nitti [Producer Series]
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thick: When did you start making beats and how did you get your break?
Nitti: I been making beats since like 2000. I got my first break locally in Atlanta, like a remix for the group called Ghetto Mafia, it's called In Decateur. After that I did a solo (song) for 8Ball and they got a regional buzz...kinda a national buzz. That's how I got my break and started getting noticed.

T: Whatever happened to Ghetto Mafia?
N: I don't know, they still around though. They still doing their thing. I don't know what they doin' right now though. I love them niggas, they tight.

T: How did you end up producing It's Goin' Down? Did you know Joc or Block?
N: Joc. He was around us. Joc was on the road with my artist named Miss D. That's how we all hooked up. We went in and did the record and that was that.

T: It's Goin' Down was huge, I'm sure you got all kinds of work from it.
N: That was like the tip of the iceberg. I got a whole lot of stuff I'm working on. Whole gang of projects and new artists I'm signing.

T: What is the Nitti sound?
N: You gon' know my sound when you hear it but it's not gonna be one set sound 'cause I like doin' different types of music. So, I don't have one particular sound.

T: You were producing for Block Entertainment before Joc's hit right?
N: I did beats for Boyz'N Da Hood on their project but I been knowin' Block. We both from the Eastside of Atlanta. So, he came to me and told me he was working on a lot of stuff. I gave him some beats, cats got on the beats, and the songs got hot in the club. But I always had my own company called Playmaker, a production company, and it turned into a label. So, now I got Playmaker Music and a label deal though Warner.

T: Tell us about Nitti on the mic.
N: I got my own studio and shit, so I been writing. Sometimes I might get in there, I might feel like doin' a record, you might hear me doin' vocals on a mutherfucka. I ain't ever try to be no rapper. I can rap if I want to. I set out to be a producer first but a lot cats like when I get on the mic, and when I talk that shit. So, if they want it, I'ma give it to them.

T: What's the schedule for Playmaker Music?
N: Well, I got Ghettoville USA coming out, and then we got a singer named Tocarra Hamilton.

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