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Interview: Devo Springsteen [Producer Series]
Thursday, July 12, 2007

T: I saw that John was doing something with Atlantic Records, has he left GOOD Music?
D: On Atlantic? No, he's not doing an album with Atlantic but he did start a production company, and both him and me have been working with this artist Estelle outta the UK. John got Estelle signed at Atlantic. Estelle's a phenominal artist. She's sorta like a modern day Lauryn Hill. I've been wroking closely with her on that project. we got a crazy record coming out with Common and John Legend...we been roommates since '96, this is in Philly and even when we moved to New York we had a crib in downtown New York up until last year. So, that's my homeboy. All the songs that I have on John's album that we co-wrote, me just being up in the crib making beats, he would just come home from work and he would always have first choice...he was the first person that would ever hear the joints. Both as a working relationship and friends, we're real close. We have eachothers' back when it comes to creativity or just partying or whatever.

T: What was it like working with Nas?
D: It's carzy. You're in the room with the living personification of Hip-Hop. He's a cool guy, real open-minded and open to suggestions. It's real ironic to me 'cause people that have heard my music for the past few years have been saying, yo, you need to holler at Nas. That's like the first name they come up with I guess feeling that what I'm doing fits in with his movement. With all the hype with people wanting to be involved with his project, I thought it was real fitting that he chose some of the music that I presented to get down with. He's a cool guy, and real humble. So, is Tre Williams, who is his artist on Ill Will. We just started Tre Williams album as well. It's a dream come true, man. My whole thing is trying to make impact songs for impact artists. I think that song, Let There Be Light, I couldn't have wished for a better sound product.

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