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Interview: Fat Joe
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

T: Who else on album as far as guests and producers?

FJ: It’s hardcore. We got Weezy on two songs, the other one is called The Prophet, that’s real crazy. The next single is called Breathe & Stop and features the Game and we going to Jamaica to shoot that one. Scott Storch did two, LV did three, Streetrunner did three, Nu Jersey Devil did a joint.

T: Anyone you wanted to record with and it didn’t pan out?

FJ: Rick Ross. Damn, man, we wrote this track Pun/Fat Joe style and we did it back and forth, and I can’t believe we didn’t record it. We wrote it but didn’t record it. I can’t believe I let that slip. It was Deep Cover style, man…damn.

T. So, you’re no longer with Atlantic, tell me about the new deal.

FJ: Just a business decision. I was an artist there (Atlantic), most artists get 80 cents to a dollar per record. I wanted to own my own masters and I felt like I wanted to be my own boss and choose my directions, and being indie lets you market and promote the way you want to, and at the same time it lets you make the music you wanna do. It’s freedom.

T: Whassup with Terror Squad?

FJ: Remy is the best female rapper on the planet. She’s going back in the studio real soon. Tony Sunshine is almost finished with his joint. We almost ready to go back and do a TS album. I’m excited.

T: What about Prospect and Armegeddon?

FJ: They AWOL. We haven’t seen them in a long time. You gotta work and, you know, we sell music, so in order to survive we need to put music in the stores. Some rappers are slow. It is what it is.  
T. What’s up with DITC? School those who don’t know about the legends.
FJ: I’m dying to get a reunion album going but everybody doing this, that. I think if we did a DITC album it would be Fat Joe’s best work ever. When I was coming up they was all better than me, you know? DITC, man...O.C., Big L, Lord Finesse, Diamond D…now I’m ready for everybody.

T: Being from the Bronx, who you think is really making noise out there as far as up and comers?

FJ: This kid named Axel is real dope, this cat Young Neech.  I got this dude on my album Murder Capital, young cat down with Kurrupt Money crew. Buckwild the producer, that’s his artist. 

T: What’s you affiliation with Ja Rule at this point, yall still peoples?

FJ: (Watching TV) Did you ever think that fat girl would turn into Oprah? Ah snap, what did you ask me?  Oh shit, Ja Rule, he‘s my brother. Murder Inc. just inked a new mutli-million dollar with Universal. He’s comin with new shit Valentine’s Day I heard. We hung out last night on a yacht and popped many bottles with beautiful young ladies.

T. Is the beef with 50 dead?

FJ: It’s never dead. (Whispers) I see dead people. We don’t care about them niggas. They fuck-boys, man. 

T: I can’t wait to hear this jam with you and Game.

FJ: We did a One Blood remix, so you can get a preview real soon.

T: We heard a nasty rumor that Pun’s family sold his Terror Squad chain, tell us it ain't true.

FJ: There was a lot of turbulence after he passed away. Me and him was tight. When he passed I made it my business to make sure his family got money. Rich money, you know? If they don’t have money then they spent it unwisely. Every time they come back, I keep tryin' to help them...every time they run out. After a while it feels you're being taken advantage of, you know? I don’t expect no one to help my family the way I’ve helped his family.

T: Any words on the recent commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Pac's passing?

FJ: His contributions to the game, revolutionary. Dude was incredible.

T: MTV has a new show you and Lil' Jon are a part of called Pimp My Ride International. Speak on that for a sec.

FJ: We went to Poland, France, Amsterdam. Nothing like knocking on some dude's door and letting him know we gon' make his piece of shit hot. We flipped some car that was like a paper car that came from the Nazi era. You could just push it, like literally push it. We turned it into some shit!

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