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Interview: Big Tuck (DSR)
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thick: Tell us about the Dallas Hip-Hop scene.
Big Tuck: Basically, the Dallas market has been over looked for a long time and I been working for like six and a half years to get to the point where I am now. Theirs a lot of people in Dallas that work hard too, to try and get where I'm at. So, I feel it's time that people start to look at Dallas. I'm with a group called Dirty South Riders and the label is T-Town music. The CEO is George Trinnie. Now I just signed with Universal and we ready.

T: With all the attention Houston has been getting lately, I'm sure Dallas is ready. Who else is coming out of Dallas?
BT: I gotta say Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci 'cause they been grindin' for a long time too, trying to get it. A dude named KD. He's definitely hot. It's a group TBGz, they definintely hot. It's a small amount 'em doing it, to be doing it business wise. There's a lot of 'em doing it, just to be doing it.

T: Tell us about the T-Town and Universal deal.
BT: It was a multi-million dollar deal. It wasn't no P&D deal. It was actually one of the best deals that I've known coming from Universal. It's sort of similair to the Cash Money deal. They gave us a lot of leeway. It's like a joint venture now. It's the perfect deal for us.

T: So, the first thing coming out is your solo album and then what, the DSR album?
BT: After me it's Tum Tum's album and then it's the Fat B. album, and then it's the DSR album.

T: We hear that your a old friend of Erykah Badu. Is she going to appear on your album?
BT: Actually, we from the same area. I remember she was on a radio station and her name was Apple. I pretty much knew her like, not buddy, buddy but you know how you know people before they're actually huge? The song should be going down, it's just like our schedules is conflicting. I'm on the road and when I'm ready she's on the road. So, it's just our schedules conflicting.

T: You got a lot of Houston artists on your album. Speak on the connection.
BT: We started out with those guys. We been knowing Slim Thug. You know, my CEO was pushing Slim Thug, the whole Boss Hogg, Swisha House, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire and the Freestyle Kings. So, you know, like when we first started we was pretty much with all those guys that's on the album. So, we had like a buddy, buddy relationship for like six or seven years now.

T: One of the first places I checked you out was on the Play'N Skillz album.
BT: Play'N Skillz was with Universal and we got to thank them because they was putting our name in Universal's ear. They been doing they job and doing they thing for a long time. So, they got a big deal too.

T: Everyone knows Houston for their Screwed & Chopped sound. Is there a distinctive sound coming out of Dallas?
BT: Actually, Dallas has a whole 'nother sound. It's more uptempo...Dallas is actually like stunny music like uptempo club, fight songs. We pretty much uptempo. It's a different sound than Houston.

T: Let's talk about the single Tussle. I hear there's a unofficial video floating around. Tell us about it.
BT: We were just doing it out of our pocket just to be doing it. 'Cause we knew that song was hot like a couple years back when it was on my album The Purple Hook. So, we just did it out our pockets. You know just for a DVD, you know just a good look.

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